Thursday, October 18, 2012

L´union fait la force.

This title isn´t just any sentence, it is the motto of Belgium. In english: "The union makes the force". 
·This is a francophone country which is situated at the heart of Europe , to the side of France, and its capital is Brussel.

·Belgium has a population of about 11 million of people.
There, people speak German, French and Dutch.

·This country is a highly developed and stable democracy with a modern economy.
The central government retains responsibility for foreign policy, defense, taxation an social security.

·Belgium si divided into 3 main regions : Brussels capital, Flanders and Wallonia.

·How is the climate?
The climate is temperate, with warm summers and cool winters

·What do you have to know about religion?
The majority of belgians are catholics, but some of them are protestans too

·What about food?
Well, Belgium is famous for waffles and ships. Belgian chips are often eaten with mayonnaise or served with mussels. 
The luxury chocolates are delicious as well.

·Do you want to know more about Belgium?
You can watch this fun video if you want

That´s all, I hope you like the entry! 
On my point of view, this is an interesting country.. I think that I will visit it in a fututre.


  1. Oh, Lidia, I think Belgium is a very interesting country, too. I want to go there because I would love speaking French, visiting the Atomium and eating some chocolate! Morover, it is the main city of the European Union and the central offices are there... So, Lidia, great entry!

  2. Lidia, I also think that it's an interesting and beautiful country. It isn't my first option of places to visit because I want to visit Rome or New York first but if some day I have the oportunity of visit it I would go!Good entry!

  3. Is a beatiful country for the speaker of french.Here as you said there ar more thing that can you see an I would go to Belgium in the future for visit and taste all.
    Good post Lidia

  4. It's a very interesting country, but, i don't think that i don't go to visit it, becouse i don't like very much friend so, I won't understand anything
    Good entry;)

  5. I think Belgium is a beutiful country, I hope visit the country. Good entry!


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