Tuesday, March 12, 2013

                                   LA VENUS DEL ESPEJO

-Time : between 1599-1660

-Style : Baroque

-Artist : Diego Velázquez

- Material and technique : Oil and canvas

-Location : National Gallery de Londres

Iconographich analysis

Name: The Toilet of Venus o The Rokeby Venus

Type of painting : It's a mythological baroque painting. As is usually in Vélazquez, the woman in the picture is undress.

Formal analysis

Composition,space,decoration : the painting is about  the goddess Venus who is lie on bed and looking in the mirror which is sharped by her song,Cupido. As I've said before, it's a mythological painting and it's a typical work of Vélazquez.

Size of paint : 122 cm × 177 cm

 Point of interest : He doesn't represent the woman in the picture as a goddess;he represent her like a normal woman.


In general, people thing that is emblem the love defeated by beauty.


-Time :  1642

-Style :  Baroque

-Artist : Rembrandt

-Material and technique : oil and canvas

Location : Rijksmuseum , Amsterdan.

Iconographich analysis

Name:  La compañía militar del capitán

Type of painting :  Its a Baroque painting by Rembrandt  and it's one of the most important in its galery and in the Rembrandt's works because of the techniques used in the painting.

Formal analysis

Composition , space and decoration :  The picture show the nervous and impacient  soldiers beacuse they are stowing in a mission. 

Size of the painting: 359cm X 438cm

Points of interest : the painting has been restored during years.

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