Thursday, March 7, 2013


Time: 1650
Style: Baroque
Artist: Diego Velázquez
Material and technique: oil and canvas
Location: Galleria Doria Pamphilj in Rome

Iconographich analysis

Name: Pope Innocent X
Type of painting: It is a Baroque painting by Velázquez. One of the virtues of he is that was able to penatre into the personage psychologically to show us hidden aspects of his personality.

Formal analysis

Composition, space, decoration: In this picture, there are lots of characteristics of Baroque painting, such as realism, rich and deep color, intense light and dark shadows.
Size of paint: 140cm - 120cm
Points of interest: Velázquez included his signature in the paper that the Pope have in his hand, although the date you can´t read very well.


The figure upright in his chair is very strong, so that mean the higher power the Pope had. Velázquez was a privileged, because it wasn´t easy that a Pope posed for a pintor. Futhermore, Innocent X looks serious, a characteristcs of all of the portrait of this age.

              DOGE´S PALACE

Time: S.IX
Style: Gothic
Artist: Canaletto
Material and technique: The façade was made by a combination of pink and whites marbles, making it more attractive. The palace has a cubic form.
Location: Piazza San Marco, Venice, Italy

Iconographic analysis

Name: Doge´s Palace
Type of building and function: The palace perfomanced three function of vital importance in social and political life of Venice. It was used as a residence for the Doge of Venice, as the seat of city government and as Law Courts. Nowadays the palace has the function as a museum.

Formal analysis

Composition, space, decoration: The palace had a design similar to a castle, with towers and strong walls. Owing to some fires, the building was rebuilt. Nowadays, the public entrance to the Doge´s Palace is a via the Porta del Frumento, in the waterfront side of the building. The inside of the palace is supported by stone arches with an arcade with columns. The main entrance is called Porta della Carta and is the flamboyant style and present in the tympanum a lion of St. Mark kneels before which the Doge Foscari. The arcade of the ground floor rests on thirty six columns and the palace has a big courtyard. And inside the palace, there are lots of painting of famous painters like Tintoretto,Tiziano, etc.


It´s a symbol of the glory and power of Venice. And as I said before, this Palace had 3 vitals function and currently it´s just a museum.

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