Thursday, February 28, 2013

Time: 1581-1582
Style:  manirerismo Italian
Artist; Juan de Bolonia
Material and Technique: marble
Location: Loggia dei Lanzi ( Florence, Italy)

Iconographic analysis

Name: the kidnapping of the Sabina
Type of building and function: the scultures hows a scarty iconography without accesory or symbols convencionals

Formar analysis

Composition, space and decoration: is realized by it an alone black of white marble composed by three pronnient figure
Size: high 4,10m


The picture it shows the mythological episode of the " kidnapping of the sabinas" on the part of  founders of Rome

Name: 1599-1600
Style: Baroque
Artist: Caravaggio
Material and technique: Oil on canvas
Location: San luigi dei Francesi( Rome)

Iconographic analysis

Name: The calling of St Matthew
Type of  building: It's a painting of Caravaggio

Formar analysis 
Composition, space and decoration: the saint this one sat in fornt of to able with a group of persons garment as the contemporany ones of Caravaggio as in a scene on taverne
Size: 3,38m x 3,48m

 The painting  represent the history that narrates in the gaspeñ as St Matthew

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