Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Time: 1603-1606
Style: Baroque
Artist: Juan Martinez Montañés
Material and technique: It is made of cedar wood.
Location: Cathedral of Seville

Iconographic analysis
Name: Crist of Clemency
Type of building and function: It was order to build by a canon of Seville for a particular oratory.

Formar analysis
Composition, space and decoration: It represents the God of the Christians when he died in the cross. You can see the blood and the crown of thorns.
Size: heigh 1.90 metres

Meaning: This is very Catholic because is the God of the Christians. This crucifix shows nobility, calm and honour.

Time: 1665-1666
Style: Baroque
Artist: Veermer de Delft
Material and technique: oil on panel
Location: Mauritshuis's museum

Iconographic analysis
Name: The young girl with the pearl 
Type of building: It's a picture of Veermer de Delft

Formar analysis
Composition, space and decoration: a young girl with a headscarf, the pearl is on her ear.
Size: 25.7 x 19cm

Meaning: this painting was important for a novel by Tracy Chevalier. The most important thing of this picture is the pearl that is on the ear of the girl. This can be a symbol of a wedding.

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