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Saint Charle´s Church
Time: 1716-1737
Style:18th century Baroque art or Baroque Rococo
Artist:Johann Bernad Fischer Von Erlach and Joseph Emanuel Fischer Von Erlach
Material and technique: Limestone, and the high altar, the columns, the tabernacle is made of marble of Laa. The technique is eclecticism because mix roman style and Austrian inside.
Location : Vienna, Austria

Iconographic Analysis 
Type of building and function:It is a catholic church built in honour of Saint Charles Borromeo, who help the ill people with the plague.The church was build by Johann Bernad Fischer Von Erlach and him son , Joseph Emanuel Fischer Von Erlach. When Johamn died continued him son with a different style, the baroque of Roma. Nowadays is a active church.

Formal Analysis
Composition,space,decoration.The façade is form by a big front, in the middle there are a portico and two columns commemorative.That design is a inverted latin cross that copy the Saint Peter´s Square  because it is like a body with the arms open . In the centre have a elliptical cupola. Inside is decorate with some painting and fresco  like  Intercession of Charles Borromeo supported by the Virgin Mary

Size of the Church: 55m-40m  and the dome 70m

As I had said before the form of the church ,it is mean that God welcome all the people. Johann Bernad Fischer wanted  built the best church of the baroque 

Old Woman Frying Eggs

Artist:Diego Velazquez
Material and technique:Oil on Canvas
Location : National Gallery of Scotland

Iconographic Analysis 
Name:Vieja Friendo Huevos
Type of painting :.This painting was drew  in Seville.As is a painting of the baroque is dark

Formal Analysis
Composition,space,decoration: This picture take place in a dark kitchen (typical because in  baroque the painting are dark) .In this painting there are two person, a old woman and a young boy.The woman is frying eggs while the boy is hold a melon and a container with oil or wine.

This painting have a lot of  meaning  because during the year all the important painter have been talking about this painting.Some thought that is in common with the picaresque novel but other thought that is a meaning religious because the woman is looking at nothing like was looking at god. But in my opinion , I think that is a grandmother cooking for her grandson.

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