Wednesday, February 20, 2013


·Historical and artistic context:

-Time: Between 1623 and 1624.
-Style: Baroque - Baroque Rococo.
-Artist: Gian Lorenzo Bernini.

-Material and technique: This statue was make with marble. The technique is unknow. 
-Location: In the Borghuese gallery (Rome)

·Iconographic analysis:

-Name: David
-Type of building and function:
It's a statue made of marble it was
designed by Bernini and in this sculpture he
wanted to represent the moment in which David's king 
beat to Goliat. 

·Formal analysis:

-Composition, space and decoration: Sculpture made with marble that represent to David's king after he beat Goliat. In this statue you can see paradigmatic qualities of the Baroque Art. Bernini did this sculpture for the cardinal Scipione Borghese. It measure is 170 cm high.

-Size of the sculpture: It's about 1' 70 m high, that means that the sculpture has real size.

-Meaning: As I had said before, the statue is a representation of the moment in which David beat to Goliat. In the face you can notice the feelings an the effort of David. The moment that represent the sculpture is located in the    
                                                           Old Testament.

·Do you like it? What do you think about this sculpture? 

                                                                                                I hope you like!

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