Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Feria Matemática

Todos los profesores de matemáticas os dirán que su asignatura está por todas partes, y que tiene mucha aplicación en la vida real. Yo creo que tienen razón, pero a veces tenemos que fijarmos un poco para darnos cuenta. Os propongo el siguiente tema:

Let's try to find some relationship between Maths and Montoro Festival. I can imagine some examples like geometric figures, prices,... If you want, you can also add some images.

Of course, everybody can comment the posts.


  1. Hello!! ola?? wath is it??
    ariadna!!! in english
    By : Lidiaa

  2. Hi! I´m Antonio P. How are you? Great? I hop so...

    The fair is now, is fantastic! I like the Montoro´s fair... But is very very short.
    In the fair there´s lots churros with chocolate, is a typical food from Spain. The churros with chocolate is my favority food... delicius!
    I like the bumber cars but I don´t like the ship, is bigger than

    See you on the next Tuesday! Bye bye by Peña for the bilingual class.

  3. It´s great to read some comments in English!!!!

    Enjoy the FERIA!!!

  4. Yeah! Rafa is right! The more you use the English language, the better.
    Your English teacher

  5. Thanks you! The English is easy, I like English!

    I´m alone in the school... See you later class... One moment please, See you forever!

    Bye Bye!

  6. Hello people!!
    This week was fantastic but very short....!
    Now we should relax and get back to normal because we are altrad ... :D
    This blog is amazing!
    I love english
    Thank for the interest you have in teaching English for us we thank you!
    Is a pleasure to comment on this blog
    See you soon
    Bye Bye

  7. what prety(chulo) is the fair in triangular,circle...etc.Is true.

  8. hi!! i love english!!!! good-bye

  9. Hi Mª Carmen and Carmen! It's good to see that you have written your first comments in English ... but be careful! This post was about "Feria matemática" so you should write about that. And I already know that you love English.
    I'm sure that you can write something interesting about the other posts.


  10. Bulbs are round, for example

  11. The funfair is very short :(


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