Sunday, October 25, 2009

Hallowe'en (Part 1)

Do you know Michael Jackson? He died recently and he was front page in all newspapers and magazines and news programmes. In the 1980s he was the "King of Pop" and one of his songs, "Thriller", became a real hit and a number 1 all around the world. "Thriller" is played every year when Hallowe'en comes. You may have seen the film already, but do you know what it is about?
Switch off the lights, turn up the volume and enjoy it!

And now, some practice. Here is the link to the exercises we couldn't do last week because the Internet wasn't working. Revise the vocabulary and do the exercises called "Riddles", " I spy with my little eye..." and the "Crossword".

Have fun!



  1. is very interesting as it goes on and I love halloween.I was sick on Friday and therefore could not go to class on Monday but maybe go

  2. Michel Jackson was and is fantastic! Thriller is a very good song! I like the zombies!

    Happy Halloween!

  3. Hello!
    Michael Jackson was good singer. Was very famous.
    I like Hallowen!

    Good Hallowen all..!

    bye bye!
    By:Maria cano

  4. hi!¡ Michael Jackson is wonderful sing!!

    I like HALLOWEN¡!



  5. That lovely now we can see HALOWEN's vidioclip.
    He has made very well the teacher.

  6. hi!
    I like a lot of Michael Jackson!
    entry is a great teacher!
    "I am ill, with fevers.
    whether it is safer to Menan not go to school .. :(
    many kisses to all (L)

  7. Hi!!
    How are your jack o'lantern?
    Because ours is a broken,well wi have broken:(
    I hope you do not break.

  8. "Ye have seen the plague threw that jack o'lanterm? A congratulations and I forgot alberto antonio and which you believe will be the prize qe

  9. Michael Jackson is a very good singer I love halloween bye bye

  10. Michael Jackson was a great singer. My mother's favorite singer is he

  11. fence with Michael Jackson that it was well sung by the King of Pop

  12. my favourite singer is abba but is very good siger i like this song jaja bye


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