Thursday, April 29, 2010

Berter The Converter

Brittany has created a new character named Berter The Converter, and I think he is quite a good guy. His first appearance was some weeks ago, when we were talking about decimal numbers and he tried to help us to multiply them, by converting (yeah! he is The Converter) from imperial to metric units. He also showed us that imperial units are not in a decimal system, so you have to use different conversion factors between multiples of the same unit.

Last week Berter striked back with percentages: Berter Goes Shopping. He went shopping on sales, so he had to calculate the final price by substracting the different discounts of the items in different shops. I'm not sure wether Berter learnt something about how to calculate some percent of a quantity, but i think he really had a good time. His last appearance was yesterday during the test.

What do you think about Berter The Converter?
Do you like him?
How do you think he looks like?


  1. Berter The Converter is cool. He help us always we need hahaha. Berter is the best one

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  3. Berter is our Mathematics friend... He is in some exams and we like him very much! In some worksheep he is, too. Brittany, you are the best!


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