Tuesday, April 6, 2010


These are the candidates to be the Bilingual Section Mascot.
Write your comments and decide which you think is the best to represent the school.
You can vote on the right! ------}


  1. The falcon is quite good, but I think it's too complicated and big. So, I want to have a mascot like the last one: the funny ant. I love it! It's my favourite because it expresses how are we like! I don't want to say we are like ants but that ant is hard-working and clever like us. Vote for the ant! It says that working and with contancy, you will became everything that you like. I like all mascots (less the mee) but if i have to choose one, i only can say that the best is the last one: "the hard working ant".

  2. I like mine but I can not vote I will vote for the eagle.
    They are all very nice.

  3. I like Peter the owlbut my vote is for ..........................Falconis

  4. Elena, Falconis isn't an eagle, is a falcon hahaha

  5. I like de falcon but I love the ant because I did it with my companions in this work.


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