Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Today, with our visit to the river, I've decided to free them so they can swim where they want. Goodbye and good luck!

The fishes want to thank you for the interest you took from the first moment feeding them and taking care of them. Write here your farewell comments.

PS: I hope there are no sharks in Montoro.


  1. I was charmed with the fish was feeding them every day.

  2. I feel sorry for them. They were used to being fed by all of us, so now how are they going to find food? they have lost their ability to feed themselves! But at the same time, I feel happy, because after two months in that bilingual fish tank, they deserve freedom. Good luck!

  3. teacher..you know that i live in montoro,i don`t saw fishes

  4. In Montoro there aren't many fishes, but of you want to see fishes go to the pet shop... :) xD


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