Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Balanced diet

I'd like you to answer these questions:

1. Describe your daily diet. Do you think it is a balanced diet?

2. Do you have a healthy lifestyle? Why?


  1. I like health team! They learn how do we must eat... But I don't like vegetables... They have carrots and foods that I don't like...

    Guys, have a balance diet!!!

  2. I thinks that i have got a healthy diet, but i don't like i eat only because my parents obligate me

  3. I eat many sweets,chocolate...I don´t like vegetables and fish.I think that I haven´t got a balanced diet.
    Possibly yes.I'm not sure

  4. hi :)
    I love salad, is my favourite food
    I eat salad everyday.
    Soon I will be green :P
    I hate chocolate but I love sweets.
    I think that I have a balanced diet.

  5. Hi!
    I love chicken,I love chicken, but I hate salad or vegetables.
    I don't eat chicken everyday but I eat the sundays.
    I think that I don't have a balanced diet but I'm healthy. :P

  6. I have got a balance diet but i eat many sweet and chocolates i dont like very much the vegetables and fish but my parent said you must eat vegetables and fish.

  7. 1-My daily diet is pasta, fish, vegetables and meat medium medium. I eat pasta with tomato, queso.Tambien cold with salad, fish. In fish usually eat the rooster, panga, hake, cooked prawns, mackerel, tuna. Tamate vegetable, lettuce, corn, spinach, beets, potatoes. all types of meat. Yes.

    2-Yes becouse contains every food

  8. I love meat and fish and I like legumes. I eat lots of fruit but I don't eat many vegetables. I think that is more or less a balance diet.

    yes because I like sport, for example.

  9. - I like meats, fishes but I love more the vegetables like spinach and salads. My favourite fruid is the pomegranate.

    - I think is good because i eat a balanced diet and I do exercice like skate and ride a bike.

  10. Hi!
    I like meat, but I don't like vegetables.
    I haven't a balance diet, because I eat sweets, chocolate.
    I have a lifestyle more or less.

  11. -I like very much fish but I don´t like vegetables
    but I must eat them because are very important, I LOVE CHOCOLATE but is bad it much.

    -Yes I have a healthy lifestyle because I eat good and I do many sports.

  12. I like sometimes fish. I don't like vegetables but my mother prepare food I don't like I eat.
    I like sweet.

    But eat good

    bye bye..

  13. Hi !
    I like chocolate and sweets, but I love eat meat, fish and vegetables! Every day I eat salad.
    I think that I have a healthy died.

  14. Hi!!

    1.-I love chocolate and swets, but I love meat and pasta!!..
    One part of my lunch every day is a tomato, I like tomato very much..
    I think that my diet is not balance diet but it isn't a bad diet..
    I have a medium diet
    2.- Yes , more or less
    -Because I do exersise envery tuesdays and thrsday and I cycling in my camp..




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