Monday, October 18, 2010


How often do you watch television? What are your favourite programmes? Could you live without a TV set? Have a look at this presentation and learn some interesting facts about television in the UK.

Now, it's time to revise the vocabulary you have learned. Click here to do this quiz. It's good fun!


  1. I like "Sé lo que Hicistéis" and "El hormiguero" but my favourite is "Big Brother". It started Yesterday and it was amazing!! The hostess, Mercedes Milá, wore a dress inspired in bees... It was blue and huge. My fovourite contestand is Pepe.. It was very intelligent! And a contestan who I don't like was Amor, becasue she's a transexsual. This season will be one of the best!

    I don't live without TV... I see TV four hours in weekend and less than one hour in week..
    Today. I'm not going to watch TV tis night, because "El internado" has finished but I will watch "El Hormiguero" =))

    Javi and me have done the quiz... It's very easy but a little bit boring :(

    Bye Rafa! Bye parnets!

  2. Hello!
    I usually watch TV, for rest when I finish my homework anda when I having dinner.I don't have favourite Tv programm, but I like somes then, like: "Callejeros","Andaluces por el mundo" "Esta casa es una ruina",etc.
    Yes,I can . It isn't a very big problem for me.
    Bye bye! XOXO

  3. Hi!
    I haven´t got favourite programme but my favourite channel is MTV.
    Is a programme about music and fashion.
    I love music and i´m dancing everyday.
    My mother says : Hey Lidia! Be quiet, stop dancing, change channel! :P
    Poor mother...
    MTV is fantastic because hasn´t got many comercials.
    I watch TV 1 or 2 hours at day.
    Sometimes I watch the news too because I want to know what is happening in my world!!!

  4. my favorite program is "tonterias las justas" i love it but i likes many series for examples my name is earl in neox or scrubs and like very muchthis house was a wreck american versin its funny and i like the documentari of the roman empire X)i love the television :P

  5. My favorite TV programme is "tonterias las justas".I like it because is very funny and entertaining.I like "esta casa era una ruina" too.I watch tv when I have free time.

  6. Hi! Teacher
    I haven't got favorite programme,but I like ''Big Brother''.
    I watch TV when eat, when the finish school, because my mother watch the news, but too watch TV later do my homework and study.
    When finish dinner watch TV.

    Bye Bye

  7. Helloo!
    I love wacth the TV all the time but I can't because I have to do many others things,for example the homework.So here I wacth the TV when I can or at the weekend!
    A greetings.


  8. My favorite programme is FAMA because I love dancing.. But .. I always watch Disney Channel because my sister like them..
    When I have lunch I watch the news with my mother..
    When I have dinner I watch ''Patito Feo'' that is a serie and i leke them
    That is all..
    Bye! ^^

  9. My favorite programme is ''FAMA REVOLUTION'' and ''SE LO QUE HICISTES'' because its very funny but I always wacth disney channel because my brother love its...
    I only wacth TV when I have time or a weekend
    bye :D

  10. Hi!
    I haven´t got favourite programme, but I like "Andaluces por el mundo". I watch this programme with my mother, she loves. :)I like because is very interesting and know more sites.
    I watch TV when I finish my homework, have lunch and have dinner.

  11. I watch about half an hour of TV every day. My favourite TV programme is "Se lo que hicisteis" and I think that I could live without TV.

  12. Hi partners and teachers:
    My favourites series are "Bones","Vampire Diaries" and "F1". My favourites channels are "La sexta" and "Fox". I hate the realitys shows because are borring and a little bit evil. I watch 1 hour the tv in the week and in the weekend I watch F1 or motoGP (it's depends the week) and "Vampire Diaries". Then I make a maraton of "Harry Potter" or "Twilight".
    I love the films and the series of science fiction.

  13. Antonio Peña no me ha gustado tu comentario sobre Amor se que es una travesti y no por eso hay que menospreciarla. Vale que no te guste, pero debes de tener más razones. Esa razón no creo yo que sea muy válida porque es un poco homófoga a la vista de personas con la mente parecida a la mía.

  14. I like watch TV, I think that this quiz is very good to learn bocabulary.My favorite channel is a TV 5 ¡I it have position all the time!And my favorite series in this channel is Aída. I see it with my sister every Sunday night, and I like it! In this series my favourite actor is Luisma, is very graceful!

  15. I watch the television when I can.
    My favourite TV programme is el "hormiguero" and i sometimes watch "Esta ere una ruina".
    I believethat I can live withuot televison, and if I cannot and haven't television I have the computer jajajaja...

  16. My favorite tv program is Se Lo Que Hicistes but Y hate Tonteria Las Justas.Y like Hormiguero but Y don´t like Big Brother

  17. Hi! teacher :)My favorite program is Fama.
    I like very much dancing and this program is about a school of dancers. I watch other thing bat isn´t a program is a series I like Fisica o Quimica.
    I watch TV When I eat and when I finish school
    Bye teacher!

  18. My favourite TV programme are Fama and Mujeres y Hombres y Viceversa.
    I like Fama because the people dance and I like that.
    I like Mujeres y Hombres y Viceversa, because the people find love.
    Bye bye!

  19. Hi teacher!
    I love TV ,but i haven´t got a lot of time for watch television (there are a lot of homework).
    My favourite television progamme is mujeres ,hombres y viceversa because it´s funny and because i love the progran¡mmes of love.
    I love fisica o quimica too, because pass things that paas to mee .
    I finish my homework and I study ,so , I´m going to go to watch TV.


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