Saturday, October 2, 2010

Our new language assistant (1)

Last Friday you met your new language assistant. What is your impression? What do you remember about her? Leave your comments here.


  1. These are all information I remember:

    Her name was Alyssa Alexander, she was 22 years old. She's from Texas and lives there and in Washingtong D.C.
    Her favourite actor is Jhonny Deep and her favourite actress is Julia Roberts. She lives in 4500 Connecticut Avenue. She likes playing tennis, fashion and reading. She has got four brothers. Her favourite food is avocado. Her favourite singer is Bono and her favourite band is U2. Her favourite colour is green.

    Well, I don't remember more information about Alyssa... And I'm in Cordoba and I can't look at the worksheet!!

    Bye bye!

  2. I think that Alyssa is a god girl and that we learn english with her! Antonio, I think that the you can't see the infomation is false HAHAHAHAHAHA
    byebye! XOXO

  3. I think Antonio has already said all we knew of it. But I think she's a great person willing to tolerate our nonsense and be patient with our style of talking, I mean screaming.

  4. I hope this year we also do well ...
    Brittany although he misses ...
    I hope that we do very well with Gosia and Alyssa
    And you are all very handsome in the picture

  5. I remember that, her name is Alyssa. She lives in Washingtong D.C. but, she is from Texas.
    She likes fashion, reading and playing tennis. She has got four brothers. Her favourite food is avocado.Her favorite singer is Bono.
    Her favorite colour is green.

    I hope that we do very well with Alyssa and Gosia.

  6. teacher i like this foto but why not we do other foto with Gosia,alyssa and every class? thank for your answer bye

  7. Yes, you are right, Alberto. There should be a photo with Alyssa, Gosia and all the people in the class. Let's find some time to have the photo taken this week.

  8. yes, I think that we have to do a new photo asap


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