Monday, November 28, 2011

The avances of the new technology:

Nowadays we have a lot of technology things like a computer, mobile phones, television, MP3/4/5, and more. But a lot of years ago. If you want to comunicated with a person of other city, country .. , you must did a letter and sent it, So the technology didn't avanced, For example; the first computer was making in 1884 for Paul Nipkow. Other example like the first telephone that was making in 1876 for Alexander Graham Bell.

The thing is that we can't life without technology, Do you thing it?

How many technology gadgets do you have?

For example In my house I have 2 computers, 4 mobile phones, 4 TVs..

Was the technology easily to use in the past?

If you can, search information about other inventor

Thank you for your time, One kiss :)


  1. I can't live withouth tecnnology!

    In my house I've got three laptops, one desk computer, one 3DS, three DS (2 broken), 2 PSP (one broken) three TVs, 4 TDTS, 1 Wii, 1 PS2, 1 PS1, lots of mobile phones, 3 digital cameras (1 broken)and lots of more thing.

    No, it was difficult and only a few people could use it.

    Steve Jobs is another inventor. He made the iPhone, the iPad, iMacs... He died this year. RIP

  2. I love tecnology. Im my house, we have 5 tvs(2 broken)16 mobiles phone (we only use 4) 3 house phones (we only use 1) 3 laptops, 1 desk computer, 1 wii, 2 DS, 1 ps2, 2 blackberrys, 2 digital cameras and Wi-fi.

    Ronald Gerald Wayne, other founder of Apple. He desing the 2nd Apple computer.

  3. I love tecnology and I can´t live without it !
    In my house i have 5 tvs, 4 mobiles phobes, 2 house phones, 1 desk computer, 1 CD player, 1 wii, 1 DS, 1 DSi, 1 digital camera and wi-fi.
    No, it was difficult to use because they were people that didn´t know to read, to write etc.

    great post andreaa!:D

  4. I can't live without technology
    In my house there are 5 televisions, 4 mobile phones, 1 desktop computer, 1 digital camara an a video camara too, 1 play station, 1 ds ,1 CD plyer etc
    No,it was difficult!

    Good entry

  5. Anyone can´t live without technology.
    I have 2 TVs, 2 digital cameras, 1 landline phone,4 mobile phones, 2 laptops, 1 desk computer, 1 wii, 1 NDS,2 MP3 player, WI-FI, etc.

    No, it wasn´t easy.

    Good post Andrea!

  6. I love the technology.
    I have a 3TVs ,2 desk computer but one don't use,3 mobile phone,1DS,1DS3,1 digital camera and MP3 player.

    No, it wasn´t easy the technology in the past.


  7. I love tecnology and I can´t live without it !
    I have four Tvs, 2 laptops, lots of mobile phones, 2 digital cameras, a MP3 and a MP4.
    No, it wasn´t easy.

    Good job, Andrea:)

  8. I can't love without tecnology Andrea, you know:)
    I have four TVs, 5 laptops, 8 or 9 movile phones, 3 digital cameras, 3 mp4 and 1 mp3.
    No, it was difficult and only a few people could use it.
    Good post Andrea, i love you(L)

  9. One more inventor is Bill Gates.. He founded Windows!

  10. Can you imagine life 50 years ago or two centuries ago? None of the things that you mention in your comments existed, but people had to live on anyway! Elena says that nobody can't live without technology nowadays, but I disagree. There are millions of people who can do without mp4s, mobile phones or laptops. Some of them don't have access to these things but others have decided to turn their backs on modern life and live a simpler life. Can I ask you a question? Do these gadgets make us happier? Could you be happy without them?

  11. Yes i think this becouse we are customary with the tecnology.
    In my house there are two TV, one Wii, three computer ,a print,three mp3 and one Ipod
    Yes becouse the people of latest didn´t Know used

  12. I have 2 computers, 1 laptop, 1 mp4, 3 mobiles, 2 TV etc.
    I can't live without technologies, you know.
    The tecnology was a fantastic invention.
    Good post:)

  13. I have 4 TVs, 1 computer, 2 laptops and ab ipod


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