Sunday, November 13, 2011

Tv programs and series.

Well, everybody have a television and watch many things in it.Now, I think the television have an important place in our lives because with the television we can watch the newcast , the forecast , programs , series etc...

In the television we usually watch series and programs, for me, are the most important but many people, like our parents, think that the newcast and the forecast are most important.

My favourite program is ''Gran Hermano'' which is a program where people live in a house two months more or less and they must overcome test.But there are more programs:

-Ahora caigo
-El Hormiguero
-Pekin express
-Otra Movida
-Gran Hermano

And my favourite serie is ''EL BARCO''.El Barco is a serie which talk about the end of the world and in a boat many people survive and overcome extrange things.Many peple think that''EL BARCO'' is a boring serie but I didn't think so.In the serie there are a very good actors like Mario Casas(Ulises), Blanca Suarez(Ainhoa), Juanjo Artero(Ricardo), Irene Montala(Julia)...

There are more series:

-El secreto de Puente Viejo
-Física y Qumíca
-Tierra de Lobos

1º-What is your favourite program?and series?
2º-What do you think about EL BARCO and Gran Hermano?

I hope you like my entry:)


  1. So, I like Big Brother and it's an amazing programm. El Barco is very fussy, I don't like it very much but in my opinion it's quite good.

    My favourite programm is Big Brother, you know, but I also like La Noria. My favourite series is Aida. It's simply wonderful!


  2. I agree with you Peña I love Aida but i don't like la Noria xdd
    I'm going to put Aidaa!

  3. I like Big Brother, El barco, La que se avecina, Fisica o quimica.
    I like many series and TV programmes.

  4. Maria I love EL BARCO, you know it´s an amazing program.
    Good post Maria:)

  5. My favourite programm is Otra movida and my favourite series are El Barco, Fisica y Quimica etc..
    good entry maria:)

  6. My favourite TV serie El Barco and I haven't got favourite TV programme

    I love El Barco , but I hate Gran Hermano.

    Good post ;)

  7. Thaks MC and Maria:)El barco is amazing!I like FoQ too

  8. My favorite program is Man vs Wild (El ultimo superviviente) because I like eating bugs, snakes and drinking from elephant faeces XD.
    My favorite serie is a sitcom called "How I met your mother" and It's fantastic

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  10. My favorite TV programme is the DOG WHISPERER because I love dogs, and my favorite serie is
    EL BARCO, of course. I hate BIG BROTHER!

    Good Post Marisa!

  11. I love " EL BARCO " you know. :)
    I like your entry marisa!
    I haven´t got a favourite Tv programmme.

  12. Ohh Javi I know you like MAN vs WILD xd
    Helen I sometimes watch these program:)

  13. Maaaaaaaaaaarisa;)
    I don't see ''EL BARCO'' but when I have time, I see it and I love it:)
    I love ''AIDA'' too(:
    My favorite TV programm is ''OTRA MOVIDA''
    GOOD POST(: I love you(L)

  14. My favourite program is Top gear. It's about cars and is very interesting.
    Here you're a video:

  15. Oh, Iforgot say my favourite series. It's Hex. I can't say about what the series goes, but I can put the first chapter:

    And, I hate Gran Hermano and El Barco. They are borring.

  16. Carmen I love you too:)
    Ari I see the video of Top gear,it's interesting but I'm not keen on these program xdd

  17. My favourite Tv serie is 'El barco' and I don't have favourite Tv programe. Good work Marisa;)

  18. Marisa... I know you love programs like Salvame but I prefer intersting things... xD

  19. Thank you Eva:)
    Ari I don't like Sálvame,my mother likes Sálvame xd

  20. My favourite programe is Big Brother:)
    My favourite serie is Física o Química.
    I sometimes watch "El Barco", I think it´s very interesting and Mario Casas actues there so... ajjaajja:)

  21. Lidia, I want to tell you onething.... Mario Casas don't exist are the parents.. xD

  22. Lidia Mario Casas is fantastic:)
    Ari, you know Mario casas exist...:)

  23. My favourite tv program is ``Otra movida´´ and my favourite tv serie is ``Los Simpsons´´ and ``El Barco´´.
    I love this serie I'm waiting to see it this night (:

  24. Wow, I'm afraid that you are not going to like my comment today. I don't have a favourite TV programme. I don't watch enough TV to have one. When I'm bored or I don't feel like correcting your homework, I surf the channels for some minutes but I can't find anything interesting enough. If I could, I would abolish television. I think I'm going to donate my tv set to a charity.

  25. My favourite programe is ''ATRAPA UN MILLON'' and my favourite TV serie is ''EL BARCO'' i love this serie because the actor is mario casas you know, and this serie is very beautiful, I don't like very much gran hermano. Good entry marisa, one kiss:D

  26. OHH teacher the last year tou said that your favourite program was Pekin Express jaja

    Thaks Andrea:)

  27. Yes, it's true, Marisa. I liked it because of the adventure and the places that contestants visited. However, this year I haven't seen any of the episodes so far. I'm always correcting your homework!

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  29. My favorite program is "El Hormiguero" and I haven´t got any favorite series.
    I don´t like El Barco and Gran Hermano

  30. I don't believe that you don't have a favourite serie Juanpe jajajaja


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