Thursday, November 3, 2011

The photography

The correct definition is:
The photography is the science and the art of obtaining lasting images for the action of the light.

But for me , the photography is a drawing of us or of things which you want remember.

The photography was invented in 1839 by Niépce.
Part of the discovery was done by Joseph-Nicéphore Niépce, but actually it was publicized by Louis Daguerre.
The word comes from the Greek and means phos ("luz"), and grafis("to "design", "to "write").

Now there are many types of photography:

1 Stereoscopic photography:

The photography reproduces the objects on a flat surface and the illusion of the depth.

2 Photographs with infrared and ultraviolet light:

In this form it use with an ultraviolet light source for illuminating to the object, in order that only the light of comes from step.

3 Aerial photography and orbital:

The erial photographies and orbital they are photos of the terrestrial surface.

4 subaquatic Photography:

The subaquatic photography is the photographic speciality developed to be able to realize photographies in dip.

5 Macrocomes out in photographs:
It is in use for small photographies sew.

For me the most interesting , the most special, the best are the photos with my friends.

·Do you like taking photos?
·Do you like taking you photos?


  1. Oh pilar I really like your entry :) I love take photos of me and my friends , of montoro , of very beauty thins , Good job pilar, OnE kiss!

  2. Pilar, i love it:)
    You know that i love taking photos of me, my friends, Montoro, beutiful places, oh, the photos are great:)
    One kiss:D

  3. So, you have post yoy like taking photos, but you only take stupid photos of you and your friends doing the fool. Good entry, I like the photos!

  4. Pilaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar:) I love your entry:D
    I like taking photos all the time of all places, things and for us, wahahahaa, you know.

  5. pilaar:)
    I love your entry,you know!
    We like take photos and it's fantastic!

  6. I love taking photos, you know that I make wonderful photos because I´m always taking photos of you.
    Good post Pilar!

  7. I love taking photos, too, of my friends, of me.
    Good post Pilar!:)

  8. I love taking photos around nature

  9. we love photos, you know!
    amazing, hahahhaha

  10. Pilar I love photos. We are always taking photos, you now!:)
    Congratulations I like it very much.

  11. I love the photos there are very beautifulll and I like take photos i alwais take photos on fridays XD good post¡¡¡

  12. oooh, this a good entry!
    Yes, i love photos, you know! ajja, good job!

  13. I don't loke soo much taking photos but i take it a lot,jaja,I like more doing photos.
    Good post Pilaar (:

  14. I like your entry, congratulations!

  15. I like taking photo
    Good post;)

  16. It seems that all of you like taking photos, but only of you and your friends. Have you ever tried taking photos of other things? More questions: is photography an art, like painting or sculpture? Do you know any important photographers? Let me give you just one name: Chema Madoz. Google this name and you will be able to see amazing photos!
    One last question: what do you do with all the photos you take?

  17. You know that I hate taking photos so I don't have comment for this

  18. Pilar beutiful pots with the photos .
    I like take photos

  19. you ajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaaajajajajjaa xd


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