Saturday, October 29, 2011

Social Networks: Tuenti, ¿Entertainment or Addiction?

Tuenti is the preferred social network of Spanish teenager.
You can only join if they send you an invitation. Once your account is created you can choose the privacy of your own. You can write on your wall much like those of your friends. Look for friends by gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo and invite them if they are not Tuenti. You can upload photos Tuenti and add a title, add a group, tag your friends and write comments on them.
You can also see pictures of your friends and comment if they have been uploaded by one of your friends. To add them you need to send a message along with the friend request.
Look people in the search of people, as part of putting the name you specify a range of age, province, or is friends with your friends. You can also add your user videos uploaded to youtube and you can share with friends.
You can send private messages to your friends, but one by one,
and you can create events and pages, and invite your friends to them. You can also play various games.
By connecting reminds you of upcoming birthdays of your friends. And on the home page reminds you of upcoming birthdays and events.
When someone ask you for the friendship, you can accept or ignore it, and if you ignore it also gives you the option to block them will never ask for your friendship.
Although most users are teenagers, there are people of all ages.
Tuenti, increases in record time users, therefore, users spend 100 minutes Average online per day.What time is right for Tuenti not become addicted?
Also the connection is becoming more frequent as the blackberry or iphone are created with the function of the use of social networks.
What do you prefer, use Tuenti in a laptop or in a smartphone?
But the Tuenti also leads to obsession. This obsession is going too far for some boys, Tuenti has become a new form of entertainment and a new vice uncontrollable, but do we ever considered the possible consequences of being a member of Tuenti? Serious problems of identity, as well as numerous failures, poor little privacy and security, among others, are characteristic elements of Tuenti, but especially a serious problem: addiction. Upon arriving home from school, college or university, thousands of young people who are connected to check your comments or events. Tuenti social network has become, inadvertently, an essential tool for many young Spanish and can not be disconnected at any time.
If the Internet is essential in our lives, including study and work, why do you think that when we use Tuenti, old people say it is bad for us?


  1. I'm agree with you. Tuenti is very special for me!

    Old people are wrong, Tuenti is good for all of the people!


  2. Thanks Peña;)
    Yes, they do not know more Tuenti with all its advantages, but Tuenti is a great invention:)

  3. Very good:) I love tuenti but I know that is an addiction, the old people don't know very much use it so they say that's bad, very good :)

  4. Yes, is an addiction but we know how controlate this addiction;)
    Yes, I agree with you:D
    Thanks Boni:)

  5. Great entry Carmen:)
    I agree with you,I love Tuenti!

  6. thanks Marisa, I know that you love tuenti:)

  7. I like Tuenti, and I know it is an addiction. I´m not addicted but many people is all the day conected and it´s bad for them.

    Good Job Carmen!

  8. You have one mistake, is Teenager. I think is an adiction. Good Post Carmen!!!!

  9. Ohhh! that´s great Carmen!
    I am very agree with you, this is an adiction and I can´t live without tuenti carmen,like you.. you know how I am! jjajja
    Congratulations Carmen,it´s a very good post :)

  10. ohh thaks Ari, i'm going to correct this:)
    jajajaj yes maria, i'm like you:D
    thaks friends:)

  11. oh Elena, i forgot your comment :(
    yes, i know that you aren't addicty but you know that our people in the class is addicty no?

  12. I agree with you carmen:)
    Good entry!

  13. I'm an addict too. It's impossible to don't think about what person con send you a mail and that...

  14. Thaks Friends:)
    Yes Mari Carmen, i'm always thinking in tuenti, if the people comment me, or there are new photos or somethigns more..
    Un kiss:D

  15. Ruperta good post and I think that is a entretaiment for me but for other people can be a adipted such as you.
    Comment me again please

  16. jaja I love tuenti..!
    And I like your post, I think I'm not addict it , bue a like a lot!

  17. Carrefour;) Yes you know that i love tuenti, but you love too, becouse you are in tuenti many time:)
    Oh Pilar i know:)
    One kiss friends:)

  18. Kaar:) You know that I don´t use this social network so much jajaja but i´m totally agry with you too!

  19. jajajaja you don't use this nocial network so much? You use tuenti verey day, you musn't say lies Lidia;)
    One kiss:D

  20. I agree with you Carmen, I don't think that socials networks are bad, I think that are good because we can communicate with friends, family that live in other country, you know.
    I want blackerry and the laptop I don't mind.
    Good post! :)

  21. yes i think taht is a adiction but in some cases are bad but i love this social networks good post

  22. I think like Albert,because if someone of the class said that is not addict to tuenti is a liaar :P
    Good post! (:

  23. Kanalejo, i'm agree with you, many people say this and it is a lie :)
    Yes Gloria, this is a very good point of view;)
    Thaks friends:)

  24. I like tuenti but I think I am not addict it.


  25. Well, I suppose I'm one of the "old people" you talk about in your post. I must say that I don't use any social networks but I don't consider them to be harmful. In fact, millions of people of all ages, young and old, use Facebook every day. If I don't use them, it's simply because I don't have time to do it, and that's precisely what you should be very careful with, the time you spend on Tuenti. If you spend too much time, you neglect other important things, such as homework, studies, family, hobbies,... and once you are addicted to it, it's really hard to get rid of that addiction!

  26. Without a precedent, I agree with you Rafa, but I think you forget that when you were our age, think like us, you can not ask us now think like you, with the age that you have.
    So congratulation Vanessa, it is a good use of Tuenti;)

  27. I have a tuenti profile and I'm not so much addicted you know.
    And I also have a facebook profile. And a google plus profile....

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  29. you have a profile in everywhere javi(:
    Yes, you are hardly ever conecting, I know:D
    PD: ask me for friendship again javi(:
    One kiss:)


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