Monday, October 10, 2011

Phi, Divine Proportion

1.618 is also called the golden ratio or divine proportion. It plays a basic role as a mold of construction of the nature.
Plants, animals and  humans have dimensional characteristics that fit with absolute precision the reason Phi to 1 so the ancient esoteric schools believed that the number had been predetermined by the Creator of the Universe.

Do you know which is the ratio between males and females in a beehive?...1.618

And did you know that if you divide the number of females by males of any honeycomb in the world, you always get the same number?
... 1.618

If we see a full sunflower seeds, you will see that their pipes of sunflower growing in opposite spiralsDoes anyone know tell me what is the ratio between the diameter of each rotation and the next?
…. 1.618

Measure the distance between the ground and the top of your head... and then divide it between the distance between the navel and the ground. Do not guess what number will you give?
Yes, it's Phi. You want another example? Measure the distance between the shoulder and the tips of your fingers and divide by the distance between the elbow and the fingertips. Again ... Phi.
     Any more? The distance between the hip and the ground divided by the distance between the knee and the floor. The joints of hands and feet. Vertebral divisionsPhi,Phi. That's right, you are all walking tribute to the Divine Proportion.

If you want to know more about these number see the next video:

Fibonacci sequence: 

Now, it's your time. Measure the distance between the hip and the ground divided by the distance between the knee and the floor and write in a coment what number do you get. I have to tell you that you must to put the complet number that you get in the calculator, don't copy of the others coments.
What do you think about these number?


  1. So:

    91cm/50cm = 1.82

    Good entry Ariadna but it's a very difficult thing to do... I had to go to the Chinese shop to buy a metter... But the rest, it's perfect!

  2. Ok:

    Ari, it's so long , but it's very good :)

  3. Thanks Antonio and Pilar! And what do you think about the number Phi?

  4. So:


    Ari, the entry is so good!

  5. Quite impressive, Ariadna! I tried to measure the distance from my finger tips to my shoulder (72 cm) and the distance from my wrist to my shoulder (52 cm) as was shown in the video. The resulting number is 1.37, not exactly PHI. Anyway, I know that PHI corresponds to an ideal human body, and I don't think too many people can boast their bodies are perfect.
    Great post!

  6. Ary sorry but is 93.5 and 48: 1.94 and this is not PHI.
    This post is good and thank you for explain in the library and in the corridor of your flat with Ruperta

  7. 95cm/53cm=1.79cm

    It´s a very interesting entry and very long!
    Congratulations Ariadna. I like it so much.

  8. I'm not keen on this things and I think it's a little boring but quite good and it has a lot of information. The topic of your entry is not the best you can choose because I know you can have great ideas. Phi is an universal numer but I think it's only coincidence...

  9. The entry is very good Ari:)


  10. Yeah, it's a coincidence that the division of the separations od a nautilus and the division betwween males and females bees, have a result of the same number:1.61803399

  11. I CAN´T DO IT :( My mother is trying to do it with me and... I don´t undertand how do you measure it -.-
    Well, I think that it´s a very interesting entry.
    Our body is a sourpises´ box!

  12. Let's try:

    96cm/52cm:1,8461538461538461538461538461538 yuju Phi ideal body... Oh no sorry but you have to specify what part of the knee but Good Entry

  13. god post I can´t measure but god idea

  14. Oh, thanks Alberto, but I think you want to say good idea becouse a god ideacis so great xD


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