Sunday, October 16, 2011


Hello friends, I will talk about my strange hobby that is:
Well, when I was very young, I went with my uncle to the beehives, I liked very much because
i learnt a job and i saw a lot of very beutifull places in the mountain range of Montoro and Cardeña, and I saw a very spectacular things with the bees.

Ok, i wil talk about the bee.
First, the name of ours bees is
apis melifera.

The most importan bee is the queen who lays eegs. She is bigger than the others and she can live five to six year.

The second type of bee is the workin bee who collecs the hony, make the panels and make the pollination, they can live only 25 to 30 days.

The last type is the Drone who only fecund the queen, It´s very big but the queen is the biggest,
They can live 20 to 25 days.

Now I will speak to you what the bee produces:
1º A other beehiver.
2º the hony.
3º The wax of a candle.
4º propolis thats is a natural antibiotic.

And there are two videos with some types of beehives and bees


  1. It's so interesting Alberto. I don't like the bees, but it's a great hobby. I prefer stay in my home and read a good book. Good post!

  2. Alberto, you are crazy... -.-
    I hate bees!
    Are you sometimes nervous when you are next to them? You know that they are dangerous..
    Well, it is your hobby :P

  3. well i´m if some one is near me if i haven´t good the special clothes because we touch their babys but the bee yuo can touch then.

  4. Good post Albert! It's so interesting. Really you wear this special clothes? Jajaja Congratulations!;D

  5. Albert:)
    I like it, it´s very interesting:)
    I agree with lidia, i hates bees, jajaa!

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  7. I hate bees,you now Alberto but I thing you are very courageous and you do a very difficult work.
    Good job Alberto

  8. I don't like so much the bees, but I know you like the them.
    I think it is a interesnting job.
    Congratulation Albert!:)

  9. thank and what animals do you like?

  10. I love Dolphins! Good job Alberto!

  11. I love dogs!They are my favority animals and I would like to have one, but for me is impossible.

  12. Alberto! It`s so different.. and so good :)
    But The bees aren't one of my best friends! xD

    I know you likes very much and you enjoy doing
    it could be funny! (if the bees don't sting you)

  13. thanks pilaar itś true that bees don´t lika anybody but itś a lot of people don´t know waht is a beee and what iss a wasp XD

  14. I like dogs, cats, birds, etc. I like many animals :)

  15. I hate the bees and your hobbies is dangerous I don´t like.
    My favorite animal is the turtle becouse no do nothing.

  16. it´s tipycal of juapedro XD and elena it´s normal because in a flat is imposibol have a dog and juampe it´s no dangeos if you aren´t allergic if one bee pick you nothings happent.

  17. It's very interesting but quite funny to talk about bees. But I want you to describe the class how do you castrate bees jajajaja

  18. I hate bees, you know! but I think you like it so much and I think is a good post, congratulations!

  19. well Javi We don´t ``castrate´´ the bees, we takes the panels of honey and we put othars panel without Honye Xd ``castrate the bees´´ sound very bad XD aaa one things i corrected the fails teacher

  20. Well, Albert, you have corrected some mistakes, but I'm afraid there are still many more. We will have to talk about that: good grammar is necessary if we want everybody to understand what we write. And it's not only you, your classmates are also making terrible mistakes that you shouldn't, simply because you have already studied how to say things correctly.
    And now, with respect to your entry, I must say that I find it very interesting. Beekeeping has been a traditional way of earning one's life for ages and it's great to know that the new generations are learning about it. And I love honey!

  21. Albert:)
    Your entry is very interesting!
    Good job

  22. Albert,your post is too interesting,because the bees are a dangerous insect. Bye (:

  23. ook teacher if you put me a 9 or ten a give you a seme of honey xd

  24. It's so interesting Alberto. I don't like the bees, but it's a great hobby.

  25. I'ts very interestin alberto, good entry, i like bees but some people hate them because sometimes are really dangerous :)

  26. It´s an amaizing hobby! but I don´t like so much bees, i prefer do others things!
    Good post alberto, and a good hobby too ;)

  27. Good post Alberto. I like it so much.

  28. Good post Alberto. I like the post so much is very interesting;)


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