Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Blackberry addicted!

How many time have you heard the sentence :'give me your 'pin''? Nowadays everybody have a Blackerry in her hands, I includded.
Blackberry have a lot of drawbacks like can produced addiction. The people who have BB are everymoment watching the screen and when they don′t have it they are nervous and stressed. I think the best thing of BB is the keyboard, very easy to use and comfortable.
This is one Tv comercial i United States for buy a Blackerry;

The people are really adected to BB, above all at BB chat. This is a chat very easy to use and very popular in teenagers.
I love mi blackberry so much.. And if I don´t have my BB nothing would be equal. Perhaps I feel stressed but I think that is bad to be all the time with the blackberry. Then you'll have a headache and over time you need glasses.
So, finally, what do you think about the blackberry addiction?And wait a moment! One question more, continue to press the 'pin' in next years? I don′t think so.


  1. I don't like Blackberrys, and I HAVEN'T GOT ONE. Not every people have one. I prefer my old mobile phone the charge is more long and it doesn't broke so early.

  2. Ihaven't got the Blackberry but I like because is very comfortable at the time of the writing


  3. So, in the first place, I'VE GOT A SAMGSUNG AND I'M VERY PROUD OF IT!

    The second thing: Blackberries are very bad mobile phones: bad camera, bad tecnollogy... etc. If I have the opportunity to choose a mobile phone, I prefer mine than a BB... I don't know why are so famous... I wanna to keep money to buy an Iphone but a BB, NOOOOOOOO!

    Although the entry is very good, my mobile is angry with youu! ajjajaja

  4. I haven´t got a Blackberry but I would like to have one. The only thing is that Blackberries
    aren´t good mobile phones. I have a samsung and I think that is better than Blacberries but is uglier.

    Good entry Eva!

  5. Peña your mobile is ungry with me? Oh I'm bad:( jajaja. Well, I think that are very famous for the time of write,I'm agree wiht you vane!:)
    Elena,you think that bb is badder than other mobile phones? No, people says that bb don't have a good camera but when you have one, you think that the camera isn't bad, is good;D
    Thanks friends!

  6. I have a blackberry and i`m adiccty too, but the batery is very shot, is the only bad thing that blacberry has. I love my blacberry, and I never change it for nothing in the world:)

    Good, eva:) One kiss:D

  7. I have a blackberry and it's cool, I think that the blacberry little by little is more famous, very good eva!

  8. I don't have blackberry, I prefer my Nokia
    Good entry!

  9. Well, i agree with Peña in the part that blackberries aren´t very good mobiles, but I would like to have one.

    Good post Eva! :)

  10. yes, I have blackberry too, and I love it hahaaha
    good entry:)

  11. I don't have a BB. I have a four-year-old mobile phone which can't do many of the things you talk about. It has a camera but I never use it. Why should I? In short, what does a mobile phone mean to me? Just the possibility to make a phone call when there is no landline telephone available. I think sophisticated gadgets complicate your life, instead of making it simpler.
    Eva, the TV advert is quite funny. Why don't you upload it?

  12. I agree with Eva and Carmen.
    I have a blackberry and I'm addicty.
    I agree with Carmen because the batery is short.
    Before I had other mobile phone, and when my mother bought the blackberry I were very happy.
    I don't change my BB for other mobile phone like an iphone.
    I think a blackberry is better than an iphone.
    Good post Eva!

  13. Good post Eva, but I don't have BB. You know, I don't like so much because the camera it's not so good and I prefer the Samsung or an Iphone. Because it has a very bid screan.

  14. I haven´t got a blackberry but I want have one or a Iphone becouse is similar to a computer.
    The my is good is such as a computer but I want a Blackberry.
    Eva comment me more please

  15. I don´t like blackberries at all and I don´t have one. And I invented the term BB!!!!

  16. I haven´t gor a blackberry and I don´t like so much! Good entry eva:)

  17. I like blackberry, but I haven't got one.
    For Christmas I get one from my parents!
    Good post!

  18. I have a BB but I don´t use it so much because my parents punish me without it -.- jaja
    Evaaaaaa, we know that you are totally addicted to it, but it doesn´t matter xdd

  19. Ohh,blackberry is my better friend,jaja, I have one! (:
    Good job Evaa,I love it :D

  20. Jaja thanks friends, I cant't answer before because I have a problem with my Internet, sorry. Rafa I don't upload the video y don't know why..:S Lidia it doesn't matter and we know that you are addected too -.- jajajaja you're allways with it.

  21. Eva, I have uploaded the video. It wasn't so difficult. Maybe you should have paid more attention when I explained how to do it, or you should have asked me before. When you don't know how to do something, ask!!!!


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