Saturday, October 15, 2011

Sometimes, music is the only thing that can understand you

+There are many kinds of music, but my favourites are rap and reggae.
-¿Why? They haven´t got good voices and they only talk very fast with a simple musical base..
+ Yes, you are right but I´m sure that it´s not neccesary to have a computer next to you to create a song. Just think and write your feelings, a lot of people will feel identificated with you.
Writers don´t talk about lovers and friends always... they write truths about capisalism, wars, selfishness, disadvantages of emigrants... Do you know what I mean?
This kinds of songs make you to reflect about how is the real life because not everything is pink, you know.

Reggae: it´s a musical gender desarrollated in Jamaica in the year 1960. It was inspirated in kinds of music such as the ska and the rocksteady.
It´s usually acentuated in the second and fourth beat of each compas and the rhythm is always regular.
The most popular singer is Bob Marley

but my favourite one is Morodo:)
Rap: it´s a different musical gender which was desarrollated in XX century between the dark community in UUEE. Rap´s singers are called MC and they can sing a capella or with a beat.
My favourites singers are Rapsusklei, Sharif and Rayden but there are a many who write perfect compositions:)
One of my favourites one is:

I would like you to talk about what do you think respect this music and if you usually listen it.
I hope you like my entry, and remember...


  1. I have understood music is important for you but I don't like that music, I'm sorry. If I wanna relax, I listen something like:
    It's my favourite song and it helped me in a difficult periof of my life. Music means freedom and the feelings you reach listen it help you in your daily life.

    Good entry, I love the last picture of Desmo!

  2. That's great Lidia:)I know that you love music because you sing every day jaja
    I like others types of music like pop and house but I listen Morodo and I like it!

  3. Peña, these is one of my favourites songs!
    Lidia, for relax I prefer listen "The only exception" of Paramore. The link:

    I love Heavy metal, and one of the softer that I listen is "Savior" of "Black Veil Brides". The link:
    It's a good post I like so much.

  4. I don't like rap.. but you love it how I can see.
    I never listen to this music , I like more listening to pop or house music.

    Do you continue composing your own songs?
    I never read your songs but I suppose they are very good! :)

  5. Jaja, I know you don´t like this music but I wrote about it because it´s not bad to open another you know what I mean?:)
    Yes Pilar, I continue doing it! I hope one day you read them but.. a farly day jaja:)

  6. Beutiful pots,I am moved with your words.
    I love pop music but rap Idon´t like but your words do that listen rap.
    Congratulatio by your pots

  7. I like rap and reggae, too.
    Although I like pop.
    I listened this music and I like.
    Good job Lidia :)

  8. i like rap and house i like pop and some rock i understand you a some music do you well or bad. :)

  9. Lidia, I like it very much your entry. :)
    I like anothers types of music, but rap, I like too. The lyrics of the songs have a meaning, and this is important!
    And I admire that you write songs, because for my, is very difficult.

  10. I like pop. I don´t like rap so much. I would like to read your songs.It´s so difficult to write a song and yo do something incredible.
    Congratulations for your entry Lidia!

  11. I like pop but I don´t like rap so much. I would like to read your songs. It´s so difficult to write a song, I thing you do an incredible work.
    Congratulations for your entry Lidia!

  12. I like rap.
    But I like the music pop too.
    I sometimes listen to music.

    good entry;)

  13. I don't listen too much music so I can't tell you about my opinion. I have listen some rap music and I like it. And of course everybody have ever listen to Bob Marley. But I can understand you when you say those things

  14. amazing girl <3, i love music too, I have some favorites song but I don't like rap. Buy congratulations!

  15. Nobody realize that elena has twice the same comment?

  16. Jajajaja ohh, she loves me Javi.
    She only wants that I have one more comment, do you know what I mean? :)ajja

  17. No matter what type of music you listen to, I believe good music is always necessary in our lives. I can't imagine a world without it. Even rap or reggae, which are not my favourite types of music, have something to offer, be it great lyrics, rhythm or just a different lifestyle.
    Lidia, we all know that you write songs and poems. It would be great if you could show us some of your compositions soon.

  18. I like pop, and it's true that sometimes the music it's only can understands you , good entry lidia very good:)

  19. Good entry Lidio! ;)
    I like diferents types of music, you know what I mean... jajaj, I´m agree with you in the most things!

  20. I'm sorry for no coment before, I love it your post,you know,jaja.
    I like a lots of songs but most of them are rap. (:


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