Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Film World

I suppose you have watch some films in your life, don't you?. Well, this entry is about films.

Movies use a sequence of frames to create a moving picture, usually 25 frames every second of film. Edward Muybridge created the first motion picture

(Sorry, it was moving. Try here)

But the first movie was made by the Lumière brothers. It wasn't very interesting but it was the first film so, what did you expect?:

In the last 100 years Film Industry has developed until the film we have nowadays, with excelent graphics such as Avatar. There were also created the Academy Awards, or Oscars, in 1928. The first film to win the oscar was Wings. The three films with more oscars are:



-Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

I like mainly action films. Now I want you to tell me about your likes and dislikes. I want you to write your favorite film, the topic of films you like most and you hate and everything you can.

Please comment


  1. My favourite film is "Charlie and the chocolate factory". You must see it, it's wonderful!

    I like Alice in Wonderland and Avatar, too!

  2. But what kind of films do you like more and what less, Peña?

  3. I love horror films but I prefer adventure films... I dislike films such as "Never Say Never" (Never watch it never) or "Hannah Montana".

  4. Yes, I agree with you. And what do you think about my entry?

  5. It's very good and I have saw all of those films except Ben Hur... Awesome!

  6. Good work Javi, I like it:)
    I like scary movies. But my favourite film is not a scary movie, is ``3MSC´´

  7. "3MSC" how predictable hahahha. I think most of the girls will say that so please don't repeat

  8. My favourite film is : el diario de Noa.
    It´s a romantic film and I love this topic.
    I like humor and horror films too but I HATE adventure and action films :S
    It´s a very interesting entry Javichuela jajajajaja:) Congratulations!!!

  9. For the last time, DON'T CALL ME JAVICHUELA!!!! hahahahaha. Our likes are different but I understand you

  10. I like all the films jajaja..
    My favourites films are "3MSC" and "Pretty Woman".

    3MSC: It's a romantic film, but with a bad end.
    Pretty Woman: I think it's a romantic film to.

    I like to horror films but then I have bad dreams :(

    I like to "Los Ojos de Julia"
    It's a horror film but a pity end.

    I love watching films :)

  11. My favourite film is 3MSC like, every girl hahahaha, is a romantic flim and I always cry when I see it hahaha, amazing javi:) I like your post!

  12. All of the girls with the same film.. bah I can understand it but I have seen 3MSC and it's not so good

  13. I prefer films like Twilight or Harry Potter but my favourites are:
    -You've got e-mail
    -Pride and Predjure
    -Dangerous minds

    I don't want to see never: Never say never, 3MSC or Alice in Wonderland.

    Good job Javi!!

  14. I like many films like the one you write, Titanic.
    I like mari carmen's film, too.
    And others, but I don't remember the names.
    Congratulations Javi:)

  15. My favorite film is Titanic. I have seen it more than four times, I love it.
    I like Avatar too.

    I don´t like some films like Harry Potter and some scared films like El Orfanato.

    Congratulations for your job Javi!

  16. Massssshi, hahahaa, congratulations, I like your entry :)

    I love the horror films, my favourity is Los Ojos de Julia.
    I like romantic and action films too.
    And of course I like Titanic :)

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  18. Some of you say that you like horror films but I think that's a lie because you get scared easy. Say that that's not true Massssssshi!!!

  19. I musn't post a comment in your entry but...
    I like scary and humor films but I like romantic films too,my favourite films are 3MSC and el orfanato:)
    good entry!

  20. Oh marisa you comment me....
    Have you forgiven me?

  21. Oh,Javi your post is too interesting,I love it.

    My favourite film is ``Fast and furious´´ because I love action flims.
    bye (:

  22. I love watch films and my favoutite is 3msc too ;D
    Good post!;)

  23. i love fsat and furius jony english and pirates of the caribean 4 i lik horror films and adventours film

  24. I like the romantic and humor film
    The film that I like is the ''TITANIC''


  25. In 100 years loads of films have been produced. However, the people in the class only mention films released in the last few years. That's logical. You are still very young, so I feel that I must contribute to your post with some older, wonderful films that I like, although first I must admit that I'm not a cinema-goer. I used to be, but I am not anymore (I can't find the time). Well, here is the list with my favourite films (not in order of preference):
    - Delicatessen (surreal comedy with a touch of horror; I'm sure that some of you would love this film)
    - A Room with a View (romance)
    - Dead Poets Society (I wish I were the teacher in the film; I wish my students were the students in the film)
    - All the Indiana Jones films (pure entertainment)
    - The Others (I had nightmares for two weeks)

  26. I like the romantic and comedy films
    The film that I like is the ''Perdona si te llamo amor''
    Congratulations Javo;)

  27. Very good Javi , My favourite film is "PERDONA SI TE LLAMO AMOR" of one girl of 17 years old and she love one man of 37 years old.. is a romantic film :)

  28. That´s great Javi !
    I have lot of favourite films, like:
    -Querido John
    -El diario de Noa
    -Perdona si te llamo amor
    -Lo contrario al amor, etc.
    I love the romantic films, but i hate scary and humor films. ;)

    good post Javi ! :)

  29. Javi please left of say me that comment your pots
    My favorite type of films is adventurous such Tintin and the secret of the unicorn .
    And I hate the film of Hannah Montana

  30. Two think that I forget say you .
    1- Comment me again please
    2-Peña and Javi change the photos of your profile becouse are ugly

  31. Oh captain, my captain! hahahaha
    I have realized most of the girls like romantic films but that's not a surprise so... Carmen, don't call me Javo, it has a bad rhyme. And Juanpe, you're even uglier than us hahahahah

  32. I forgot one film, well the complet saga. I love the mobies:
    -Kill bil. I
    -Kill Bill. II


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