Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Marco Simoncelli, RIP

Well guys, I'm going to speak about Marco Simoncelli. All of us know about his accident and I think it's a great topic to speal here.

He was born in 1987 in Italy and
everyone knows he became a great racer when he was very young. He was in 250cc before being in MotoGP.

We though he would win the competition in some years, but an accident happened.

Marco Simoncelli died on 23 of October with only 24 years old in a race in Malasya. He was so young... People think because he had so much hair and his helmet was too big for him and if he had less hair and a smaller helmet, he would survive.

This was a tragic accident, everyone remember him the first days and he was in the television all of the time but when the time has passed, how many of you remember his career?
How many races did he win?

So, I want you to put a famous person which has died recently. Don't repeat


  1. Amy Winehouse, British singer. She died with only 27 years.
    Favourite song Back to Black... I'm going to put two because I like both

  2. Lady Di, she died on 31th August 1997 in Paris. She was a british princess

  3. I remember this race.... It was terrible... My sister cryed a lot and well I feel bad because his best friend in a manner kill him...
    Stieg Larsson, writer of the Millenium triologi and The cat in a Had.

  4. Muamar el Gadafi and Osama bin Laden, but I think the world will miss them, so...

  5. Michael Jackson, he died on 25th June 2009

  6. Tomixawa is died 5 of september 2010.
    He was a japanese rider.

  7. The accident of Marco Simoncelli was terrible.
    Brittany Murphy was born the 10 November of 1977 and she died the 20 December of 2009. When she died, she oly had 32 years old.
    She died by a heart attack.
    Good post:)

  8. Marco was a good racer but he was very aggressive. It had problems with several racers like Lorenzo and Pedrosa but that does not mean it was a great racer.
    John Dye was born in 31-Jan-1963 and he died in 10-Jan-2011.
    he died by a heart attack.
    Good post(: One kiss love:D

  9. Dani Jarque was a football player that died with only 26 years. He had girlfriend, it was terrible.

  10. Poor Marco,he was a wonderful racer:(
    Amy whinehouse died in july
    good entry!

  11. well guys!
    I´m agree with you Carmen, but he was a great person! you know.. :)

  12. I saw the accident, it was horrible!

    Tomizawa, he died the las year in moto2 in a race of San Marino, he was only 19;(
    Good job maria!

  13. I saw the accident too:S Everybody still conmovated with the notice..

  14. yeees! but, nowadays anybody remember him:S !

  15. I agree. It was a terrible accident, and no matter if he had been too aggressive before; nobody deserves an early death. However, we tend to mythicize, to turn into a legend, almost anybody that dies young. And we should wonder: would they be so famous if they hadn't died young? I'm thinking of people like Janis Joplin or Kurt Cobain. Anyway, María, life must go on and nowadays myths don't last as long as they used to.
    Lidia, you keep inventing words in English. Use the dictionary from time to time!

  16. I don't know more famous people that died recently but good entry maria , ONE KISS;)

  17. The post is very good and a commemorative.
    As Peña put three and Javi two I don´t kown more


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