Monday, November 7, 2011

Eat good, live better.

Well many people thing having a diet is to stop eating, and that isn't true.

Eating good is very important and f you don't eat correctly, it can harm your health and your studies.

If you stop eating you can get illnesses such as anorexia and if you introduce your fingers in your mouth to produce vomit, you can get bulimia, etc...

The most important meal of the day is breakfast. You must eat fruits, milk and break to have a good breakfast. How many of us have breakfast daily? many...

The second most important meal is the lunch. You have to eat more than at the dinner..

The last meal is the dinner. You have to eat light food and not very much. Salad is perfect.

You must eat several times a day in small quantities. As you know, you should eat five portions of fruit and vegetables a day. If you have a balanced diet, you will live better!

Here you can see in the food´s pyramid the food that you should eat more or less.

Playing sports is very important too, as you know I love it. Swimming, for example, is a very complete sport. You exercise all the muscles of the body and you have fun, too! Healthy and food is related to weight.


1.- Do you have a balanced diet?

2.- Do you think you're fat? You can see it in this page. You must put the answer you get doing it. If you don't want to put your real weight or height, you can invent.


  1. 1.Yes, I think:)
    2. I have a BMI of 7.81.
    Good entry,girl^^

  2. yes i think but some foods is bad for my but i eat it XD
    i don´t know if i´m fat i think yes but... :)
    godd post

  3. 1. Sometimes.
    2. I have a BMI of 24.75.
    good post mc! :)

  4. 1.Now, I think so.
    2.I´m sure that I´m fat.

    Good Job Mery!:)

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  8. I don't know if I have a balance diet, but sometimes I eat unheathly food!

    BMI is equal to or less than 18.5 (Underweight)

    Metric BMI Calculator Imperial BMI Calculator
    Height 1,60 meter
    Weight 52 kilos

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  10. I don't think that I have a balanced diet,but I do a lot of sport,so,I think I'm on fit and I think I'm not fat.
    Good job MC! :D

  11. No, i haven't got a balanced diet,I can't do this, it's imposible for me;)
    And I think that i'm fat, no so much, but a little yes, so, i have a problem;)
    Good entry Love;)

  12. My BMI is more or less 20.. I think I'm fat

  13. I don't know I have a good balanced diet.
    My BMI is more or less than 18.5 (Underweight)
    I think I'm fat.

  14. First of all, to calculate your BMI you must introduce the data in feet and inches (your height) and pounds (your weight). Convert your height and weight before you introduce the data.
    And Antonio, if you are fat, then everybody is too. Having a balanced diet and doing physical exercise are the two most important ingredients to be healthy. And perhaps having a good breakfast every morning is the key to success with your busy lifestyles. How many of you skip breakfast more often than you should?

  15. I think that I have a balanced diet because I eat fish ,cereals ,meat ,sometimes fruit...
    I think I'm not fat
    good entry Mery:)

  16. 1.- Well, more or less
    2.- My BMI is 22.75 so I have a normal weight.
    It last me ages to convert the height so please next time a Spanish calculator

  17. Good entry:)
    I think that I have a balance diet and I do a lot of sport too.
    My BMI is 18.5 (Underweight)

  18. I think that I don't have a balance diet. I like the sweets so much.
    My BMI is 21.08, is normal weight.
    Good post:)

    I haven't got a balance diet, I like sweets so much, bye!

  20. I HAVEN'T GOT A BALANCE DIET! I LIKE SWETS , CHOCOLAT, AND EAT ALL THE TIME! I don't thin that I am fat, I think tant I have a normal weight


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